Friday, March 12, 2004

so there is this very "luck-sek" guy in our TKD class. i swear, he is every bit as described by taekwon-dodo. but i think taekwon-dodo has already said enough about him, so i am not going to complain about him anymore... except that MSL said that he spat on his face whilst doing WON-HYO, which makes it doubly "luck-sek"...

at the therapist today, my "friend" reminded me about this woman who came in once. she is rather huge, and apparently, according to my "friend", our boobs together (therapist, me and "friend") couldn't "add" up to her _one_ boob! so there you go. i had a good laugh, and it definitely makes boring therapy a little more bearable. and i also look forward to seeing my "friend"'s son next week, who, according to her, is "si bek hoon!"


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