Monday, May 02, 2005

thoughts 6 days before i have to return OR i miss my dogs

i think i have been bumming too much. art galleries, museums, Vondelpark, and today, we went to the beach! 27 degrees celcius of sun. unfortunately we didn't get to fly NAB's new Power Kite. would have been fun, but there were just too many people around, and we didn't want it to crash into anyone. (esp. children)

the water tho' was freezing cold. how do these kids (and dogs) manage it? Nothing like the blazing sun to lift everyone's spirit!

anyway, i've been thinking - it will be damn bloody hard for me to go back to the work that i was doing. the only thing that might make me hang on to it is being able to use the really nice pool at ... (you all know where). talked to the lifeguard there once and i was astonished at how much money is needed to keep these public pools going per month! so, despite all the not-so-nice things in the "fine city", i am thankful for the swimming pool that i go to. Really, really. (the pool i checked out here near the Rijksmuseum is tiny! 25m length and breadth and divided into a few sections!)

also disturbed by the fact that someone is going to be hanged (or maybe already happened?) for smuggling cannabis into Singapore and that they are not going to budge and lighten the sentence. sometimes, it all seems a bit arbitrary to me - because a lot of it all is about timing. or bad timing. and bad luck. the all too familiar "wrong place at the wrong time".

how do we make a fair judgment? do we compare the act (to other possibly more heinous ones)? or do we see what is actually being "smuggled" (see "pirated" cigarettes)? how do we measure "how much harm is done to society"? how do we protect the children?

its funny because i was watching Chelsea win the Premier League (yay!) and er - i think they were tau-poking Frank Lampard and i got reminded of Terz's post about the tau-poking that was going on in a certain JC in the Bishan/AMK area. don't footballers (and probably rugby players?) get tau-pok'd all the time when they score? have we ever heard their parents complaining?

how much longer are we going to be a "nanny-state"? how come we have not been brought up to look after ourselves?

i'm also amazed at how thick-skinned some people are. they say all these ridiculous things and because they know that no matter how much people disagree with them, there is absolutely fuck-all they can do and hence, the "naneenaneebooboo, you cannot catch me" attitude. don't you just hate it when they stick their tongues out at you as well? but unless you get into a position where you can screw them over, there is truly, nothing you can do.

and then the devil comes to get your soul...if you believe in that.


At 3/5/05 09:57, Blogger NARDAC said...

wait a sec... 6 days before you return where? Singapore? crazy.

At 3/5/05 12:51, Blogger  said...

what to do? can't burden my poor dad to keep looking after the dogs. otherwise he'll come back with his "i'll rather look after children" comment again!!!


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