Monday, August 22, 2005

all about penguins

saw March of the Penguins yesterday. excellent film. the story of the emperor penguins is fascinating, and it really is amazing when you see what they have to endure (fucking fierce blizzards, starvation - 4 months never eat leh) for the sake of procreation. i find it quite uplifting to see such strength in nature and this kind of moves me. there are also some really beautiful scenes. definitely worth seeing.

also finally finished reading Death and the Penguin today. certainly recommend it. it is not depressing like Murakami.

now the sequel, Penguin Lost.


At 24/8/05 21:38, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey ru,

saw the film on the plane way back to singapore on monday, quirky stuff but nice. leaving again likely mid sept. getting papers and stuff sorted. had a blog for the duration, will blog again when we leave.

btw, thanks for the info on the air miles thing, you're right europe flights rocks for airmiles. :-)


At 24/8/05 21:39, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ug. bad english. meant to write 'europe flights rock for airmiles.'



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