Friday, December 01, 2006

they are here!

i was really worried about whether Finn would be ok with the flight because he is really scared of the sound of thunder, but he seems alright. He was a bit apprehensive as well as curious about his new home, and he alternated between going back into his crate and shuffling restlessly, and inspecting the place, even trying to reach a corner where a bit of dust escaped the hoover yesterday.

Belle settled nicely right into the doggy bed we bought her (but not without first having a wee!), and you could tell that she was exhausted. it was only after Finn got a bit excited about the prospect of food that she got up and got a bit interested too.

So they've been fed, and are both now in their beds, sleeping...

Can't wait to take them out for a walk to see how they like the weather. =)


At 1/12/06 16:47, Blogger wahj said...

Great that you are finally reunited! They must be so happy to be back with you again.

At 2/12/06 11:11, Blogger  said...

yah, i think i'm happier than they are. =)

At 4/12/06 03:26, Blogger wahj said...

Post some pics of them enjoying the English weather (or not, given how bad the weather must be now =)

At 5/12/06 12:24, Blogger  said...

Will do as soon as it's not raining or dark when we take them out! =)


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