Monday, December 17, 2007

the happy bunny

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Xander has really grown in the last month or so. and i don't mean growing in physical terms, but emotionally and the rest.

there is just too much to say about his development, but in short, he is definitely displaying much more consciousness and awareness in what he does and what's going on. It really is amazing to watch him. Like the way he stretches his hand out to touch our faces in the mornings whilst we are still in bed, or the way that he chuckles when we play with him, or how he watches us when we are not really paying attention to him before deciding what his strategy for getting some love would be.

so far, i think the 3-6 months period was the hardest, and i'm glad that that time is now gone. But i'm also very aware of how fast he is growing, and how quickly it will all go. So for now, i'm just really happy to be enjoying the good times. Nevermind that i have to wake up at least 3 times a night, and that he has started teething. :)


At 18/12/07 00:51, Anonymous Anonymous said...

he looks sooo cute man. happy xmas. wes =)


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