Tuesday, March 23, 2004

blue belt hwa rang

so am i glad my character didn't get stared to death again last night. but in my haste to getting hwa rang on the road to exaltedness, i lost his amulet of natural amour +2. this makes me wonder if i really want to play a lawful good character...

we also got our blue belts... i am really not confident about this and my black belt (female) friend in JB confirms that this is really going too fast. i mean, i can't even consistently do a nice back kick, and i am too heavy (_fat_) to do jumping kicks, so i don't see how i can go to blue without feeling that i'm really up to it.

on a happier note, i did do the 10 "back-jumping" that i couldn't do before during the grading, so i must take comfort in the fact that the small goals that i've set for myself are achievable...

so, here goes : Goal #1 less drinking mugs of beer at coffeeshops.


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