Wednesday, January 12, 2005

the new piercing

ok - so i finally got it done. it was really not painful. (all my anticipation of pain - what a letdown!) it hurts even less than a earlobe piercing. i guess i was expecting some discomfort because my last piercing was bloody painful. the incompetent fool who did it did not do it properly, and it had to be pierced AGAIN by someone who actually knows how to do it. this guy was fairly good, despite the fact that after he put the rubber gloves on, he decided that he had to go and take a leak. and he kept getting interrupted by phonecalls/people during the preparation. but all in all, it was alright. there is even a mirror in the piercing room so you can watch yourself getting pierced. haha. now i just have to remind myself to be careful when putting the earphone in my right ear.

note: i once told someone that a brazilian is not *that* painful. after she got it done, she proceeded to curse and swear at me for forever. apparently it was bloody painful and she could still feel the pain for the next few days. so i think my pain-o-meter might be buay zun.


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