Monday, June 13, 2005


Originally uploaded by monster-ru.
this is my first ever play-with-colours in Photoshop. not something that can be used for the purpose it was meant for, nor any sort of art work really, but still, i had fun doing this. (btw, REM's Man on the Moon is playing on the radio!) and also, i learnt a lot from tonight's impromptu lesson on how-to-use-Layers better in PS.

i just wish Finn wouldn't chew up all my medicines! (not that he swallows them, but he just ruins them!)


At 15/6/05 02:54, Blogger ampulets said...

think of layers as sheets of transparencies - that's how i keep reminding myself. what i don't understand is vectors & paths! Isn't "vectors" just another incomprehensible Math topic at Junior College?

At 15/6/05 04:25, Blogger  said...

good tip! will bear that in mind. its just that with this, i was using spray paint, and i thought that without layers, the colours were "mixing" differently as opposed to a new layer, where the colour just got added on.

oh well.


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