Friday, June 03, 2005

from Antonio Tabucchi's "The Missing Head of Damasceno Monteiro"

lines from a poem by Louise Colet ("coded message" to Flaubert):

que faites-vous des anciennes amours? les chassez-vous comme des ombres vaines?
Ils ont été, ces fantômes glacés, coeur contre coeur, une part de vous même.

(don't know where the actual line breaks are.)


"what in fact do you do with your past loves? Would you send them away like useless shadows? These gelid ghosts were, heart pressed to heart, a part of yourself."

just thought it weird for something like this to pop out of a murder mystery novel...


At 3/6/05 09:17, Blogger ampulets said...

well, you know, there's no better mystery than one filled with love, desire, loss ... I mean, otherwise we're back to the Secret Seven or the Famous Five :> (which is not bad also)


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