Saturday, May 28, 2005

American Girls

so the women with the spill-over boobs. they walked into the pub and one of them immediately walks up to S at the pool table and started talking to him. what pissed me off was she was talking at the top of her fucking high-pitched shrill voice, and spoiling my enjoyment of my beloved song, "Mrs P's Lullaby". i played a bad shot after, and when S proceeded to do the ball-in-hand, she started shouting, "you cheat! you cheat!"

she then tried to tell me how he was cheating because, in America if someone commits a foul, they have to put the cue ball behind the line. i was too annoyed by her presence and intrusion and walked away as she was trying to get my attention.

what followed was too much noise from them. they were obviously trying to pull, and gosh - i think the 2 guys sitting next table to them nearly got lucky/unlucky (delete accordingly). they basically tried it on with nearly all the men in there. i was almost surprised they left by themselves. but if i were a drunk male, i still wouldn't take them home because the sheer volume of them would have put me off. they were so annoying that (as S put it) - "what they need is a mouth full of cock to shut them up!"

so then when i was up again for my game, one of them starts complaining about how she has put her name up but still hasn't played. (fuck - she had just put her name up and it was at the bottom of the queue?!) i told her she could have my turn just so she will shut up. she then went on to tell me again about American pool rules, with interjections of "but i suck! I SUCK!!!" at like a million decibels . as if no one knew already!!! i had no choice, had to walk away again. nearly wanted to say to her, either, "but we're in Singapore, so we play Singapore rules", or "if you like, i'm sure no one would mind playing American rules?!" but it would have been wasted on her as she just wanted to be heard and could not listen.

she did suck at pool, and was impressed by my suddenly re-found skills, which kind of quieten them down a bit i think.

my conclusion - they are so suaku. probably never been on a girls' night out or something.


almost feel bad i had titled it "America Girls". well, adam duritz must be wrong because these women, they were definitely not "all feathers and cream/come into bed/so edible."


At 28/5/05 18:50, Anonymous Anonymous said...

American women are obnoxious drunks. But we're not ALL like that. My boyfriend and I make endless fun of "That Girl" when we're out. They (and their boobs) give us appropriately acting ones a bad name.

But, your post. I think so too.

At 29/5/05 02:05, Blogger  said...

...which then gives me a bad name as well.

sigh - we all lose.


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