Wednesday, May 25, 2005


the pool player is back!
one particularly memorable scenario:

me: "what do i get if i win?"

opponent: "whatever you want."

me: "really?"

opponent: "yah."

(opponent sets up table)

opponent: "so what are the stakes?"

me: "still thinking, but since you said "whatever [i] want", doesn't really matter right?"

(opponent smiling, i sense the nervousness)

we play. opponent fucks up on ball before black - cos he was smiling too much, and i put the rest of my balls down and win the game!!!

me: i will hold you to your word.

and i win more games!

special mention - 2 fucking fucked up annoying fucking girls with fucking boobs spilling out of their fucking tank tops - they fucking annoyed me so fucking much i think i was concentrating so fucking hard (hence winning more games) just so that i won't fucking kill them with my fucking amazing flying side-kick.

p.s. excuse the excessive use of the word "fucking". i could really have killed them instead of playing such fucking good pool.


At 27/5/05 09:25, Blogger Neil said...

Methinks your usage of invective adjectives was justified!


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