Monday, September 05, 2005

please give me a job that i like

so i was trying to type out my resume today, and the deadline for a job that i wanted to apply for was today. (well, yesterday now, but today still, UK time.)

i had dumped my "Work" folder a couple of months ago without even looking at what was in it, just to clear some space on my hard disk. it was quite tough trying to remember all the stuff i did in the last few years, and for the life of me, i couldn't really recall much.

at one point i wished that i still had my W.A. form on my computer (which was stored in my - yes - "Work" folder) so i can just kind of like, you know, "cut and paste". but it wasn't to be and i had to really think about how to write it (i blame this on not needing to have to write a resume for the last 7 or so years...). it was tough and it gave me a headache.

(and i've still got that bloody headache! plus my shoulders hurt as well from trying to use the laptop at the wrong height all day. plus the bloody bruise on the fucking shoulder blade... no, i'm not really looking for sympathy... )

so anyway, i got it done, albeit it not being a very good or complete resume. but well, at least i tried right?

(i am also in need of a degree in either horticulture or botany or landscape architecture so that i can work in a Botanic Gardens. damn... talk about changing careers man. think i'm too old to go back to school, but i wouldn't mind doing it if only i had the right pre-req's!)


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