Tuesday, November 22, 2005

it is one of those funny nights. i kind of feel tired, but i kind of want to stay up as well.

there's fuckall on the telly, i'm drinking whiskey really slowly, and trying to work on more artsmoke images at the same time. i've been working on this image for a few days since it was first shot, but have not got something i really like yet.

went to Steve McCurry's exhibition at the Asia House earlier today - his first major exhibition in London. 'twas nice to see the actual prints. The colours were much less saturated than the ones i remember from the book, South Southeast. There were also captions with the images, and i became quite aware of the difference in what i felt about the photos now, and then.

South Southeast changed the way i thought about colour photography. i was completely in awe of McCurry then, the way he uses colour in his photographs. Before that, i only paid attention to b/w photography, but after i saw his photos, i started to be much more aware of how difficult it is to get colours to work the way you want them to (& this was before how digital photography became so convenient to us.)

maybe it was because they were not as i remember them. maybe because the exhibition was smaller than i expected. or maybe because the captions said more/different about the subject than without them. it also reminded me of this. so coming out of the exhibition, i was, really, more than a little disaappointed. it felt a bit like i was less impressed with him. or that his use of colours did create some impact in the photographs, but he needed the captions to carry the story through. it made me think about May talking to me about setting.

but at the end of the day, the photograph of the monk with the cat sitting in a docile manner behind him made me smile. and the other thing that struck me was that the eyes of the boy on the cover of the book was more intense than i remember them to be. almost as scary as that of the Afghan girl's.


And, these people at the Asia House are raising funds:

"Superb Music in Aid of the Pakistan Earthquake Appeal"
Tuesday 13 December 2005, 7.15pm.
Royal Albert Hall

They are "donating all proceeds, after direct costs, equally to The President's Fund, Islamic Relief, Learning for Life and Eidhi, charities providing immediate assistance on the ground during this winter."

So if any of you are going to be in London any time soon, please go and support!


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