Sunday, April 09, 2006

Chopin, hammocks and clear waters.

ice break
Originally uploaded by anideg.

i am really drawn to this image because of the sense of solitude that it evokes. (what better way to relax than in a hammock!) at the same time, it also reminds me of the kind of tiresome life that we sometimes lead, that we want to get away from.

listening to Chopin's "The Nocturnes" (that my friend R recently lent me), i got reminded of this image. it really complements the emotions evoked by the music, which includes a long-drawn sort of yearning that does not want to end. Yet, there are parts of the music that give a sense of hope.

so me, i am running away to the Riau Islands (sounds better than Batam!) this coming weekend, and i hope they have a nice hammock waiting for me. i have been suffering from beach-holiday-envy for too long. keep your fingers crossed for me. i need some sun, sand, and nice clear waters. (looking at my friend's holiday photos of clear waters has made me super jealous!)

oh, and in the meantime, check out anideg's images - they are way cool.


At 11/4/06 17:38, Blogger Neil said...

Truly a restive image - I look forward to you producing similiar work!

At 13/4/06 13:33, Blogger  said...

me? don't think i'm so artistically inclined! but it'll be nice. =)


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