Tuesday, June 13, 2006

temple day in HK

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I spent a day visiting temples, and this was taken at the Man Mo temple in the Sheung Wan area. I think it is the most famous temple on Hong Kong Island. The other temples i visited were in quite ulu areas, and no photography was allowed inside the temple. Ironically, in one of the more obscure ones i visited, the dude in charge was drinking Guinness in the temple!

The area is really nice, with quite a lot of antique shops as well as galleries along the main street (i think its Hollywood Rd). And the area was not as busy as the other parts of HK. Soho (which is nearby) is great too, with little quaint cafes, restaurants and bars.

If you're going to HK, its definitely worth going to the Sheung Wan area. Then you should head towards Soho, and perhaps, end the day with a nice drink (or a few, which was what i did!) at Lan Kwai Fong. Oh, and watch out for "Superman" there.


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