Tuesday, January 29, 2008

vroom vroom!

tomorrow, we get our very first car, courtesy of NAB's mum.

whilst i'm a bit kan cheong because i have not driven for a few years and never in this country, i am also looking forward to being able to take the boy out to places besides the town centre and not be restricted by the fact that i can't take him out in the pram by myself if i have to use the train. (blame it on the fact that the space between the platform and the train is far too wide!)

oh, and about something else unrelated, i took my tongue piercing out. might still put it back in, but it is looking quite unlikely...


At 31/1/08 08:19, Blogger wahj said...

You got a car, you took out your tongue piercing ...


... you're growing up!


At 3/2/08 23:21, Blogger  said...

but wahj, the problem is...

i feel old!

:) miss u guys lots.


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