Wednesday, August 25, 2004

"i shall build a more peaceful world"

so when a 18 year old boy walks out of your class and follows that by words of abuse ("fuck you!" ... "FUCK YOU!"), what do you do but just take it and then attempt to rationalise it with him and then proceed to solve his problem?

Alternative ending:

Kick his nuts off using your (not-so) newly acquired TKD skills, even though you were told not to kick below belt.

(no - student's oath "i shall never misuse taekwon-do")


At 25/8/04 14:41, Blogger Terz said...

Well, you could still kick his nuts off, but without any use of TKD. Just a technicality, but a useful one; after all, how difficult is it to aim high and swing?

At 27/8/04 03:54, Blogger Packrat said...

I think that a nice rusty blade would do nicely.
These are the students who should undergo my soon to be released idea on the implementation of capital punishment in schools

There should be morning hangings along with the flag raising, where the chaff of the school will be raised with the flags until dead, dead, dead.

Hang in there, someday when you hear the familiar voice and you look up and see the student, and you say pardon? He'll respond,

"Would you like some fries with that?"

At 27/8/04 05:02, Blogger Terz said...

Or to borrow from 'Bring It On':

It's all right
It's okay
They're gonna pump our gas someday

At 28/8/04 18:20, Blogger wahj said...

I don't think kicking ass would be mis-use = )


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