Sunday, January 16, 2005

the fractured foot

so - i got a hairline fracture in my right foot. sadly, i have yet to determine the actual cause of this. the more i think about it, the more uncertain i am of the culprit. in any case, i don't think it really matters to find out *what* caused it. what i know now is that i have been immobillised, and i have to rely on the kindness of my friends who actually have time to be kind to me.

it is a sign from god - i said to my friend, R. she has been really really kind to me, and i can't thank her enough - anyway, whether it is a sign from god, the devil or whatever evil that lurks out there, my daily routine of walking, swimming and more walking (ok - sometimes gym) has been disrupted and i am upset. the only good thing that is coming out of this so far is that the painkillers have got an amazing sleep-inducing capability. (it is sometimes hard to not follow the advice on the label of the medication - "do not use more than 3 times a day".) or maybe it is just that it is so damn bloody tiring to walk with crutches that i actually feel physically tired. trust me - even with gym and swimming combined, it is not as tiring. i guess if i actually was lying in bed all day, i wouldn't be tired. but what can you do when you are living alone?

its funny that when i was young, i always wondered what it was like to be using crutches. (My father at one time had to use crutches for a long period of time and i was always tempted to try them, even though they were not at the right height.) Now that i have to use them for 6 weeks, i am seriously dreading it. my - ok, DON'T LOL! - armpits hurt. and my hands can't touch my shoulderblades. oh - plus i've got a butt cramp. don't ask me why. but i guess at the end of the 6 wks, i'll have really nice triceps without having to go to the gym, and a really good strong left leg.

p.s. pls do not tell my parents that i hurt my foot. i need my privacy :-)


At 16/1/05 10:18, Blogger wahj said...

What did you do?!? Too much tae kwon do?

Anyway, we've gotta get together some time before I go off to Canada and you go back to Amsterdam.

At 16/1/05 13:46, Blogger  said...

canada? when and how long? debating team??


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