Wednesday, July 13, 2005

U2 Tickets (at rip-off prices), any idiots, oops sorry, i meant any takers?

so all the tickets for the 3 nights have apparently been sold out. but there are bastards out there selling tickets, for - yes - US$500 each. fuck them.


At 14/7/05 12:03, Blogger Neil said...

More interesting is that Wim went to sit outside the stadium to listen to the sounds of his holiness saint Bono and the boys, and encountered poor peeps who had foolishly purchased said tickets online. They were obviously upset (crying) and this was because although the tickets were genuine, the seller had reported them lost and got new tickets issued and then flogged the now invalid tickets. Poor them, lucky us - I would have had to commit seppuku if I had wasted $960!

At 14/7/05 16:19, Blogger  said...

bastards! hope they burn in hell. the 18th level.


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