Monday, September 26, 2005


ok - this is annoying. i was going to give this meme a miss, but seeing that i had already saved an incomplete one as a draft, and that nearly all my friends have done theirs, i thought i'd just finish it. (plus i didn't do the shoe one i told ampulets i would.)

before i could publish the post, blogger actually got me to sign in again, and i lost my post! KNNBCCB !

anyway, here it is:

7 things that scare me:

1. regretting
2. losing special people
3. my dogs getting run over
4. dying before having done the things i want to do
5. being dependent on others
6. heights
7. lizards

7 things that I like most:

1. N's cooking =) =) =)
2. when someone smiles and his/her face lights up when s/he sees you
3. rain
4. feeling the sun burning on my skin
5. taking aimless long walks
6. chicken wings
7. having a good chat with someone

7 important things in my room (my room IS the whole apartment at the moment):

1. ipod(/s)
2. camera(/s)
3. laptop
4. "In the Mood for Love" DVD
5. mobile phone
6. guitar
7. books

7 random facts about me:

1. my right leg is nearly an inch longer than my left leg.
2. i frown a lot (as noted by N)
3. my paternal grandfather gave me my name
4. i have tried slot car racing in a club in Amsterdam
5. i constantly used to drop ice-cream on my dad's head as a kid
6. i had a cat before i had any dogs
7. i have been asked once (before i was married) if i wanted to partake in a ménage à trois

7 things I plan to do before I die:

1. quit smoking
2. teach a child how to ride a bicycle
3. see Counting Crows perform live
4. remove pain
5. spend more time with my parents/grandmother
6. go places
7. learn to snowboard

7 things I can do:

1. feel hurt
2. be good with children (one-to-one, as observed by some)
3. be nice to people
4. be nasty to people
5. tempt/be tempted
6. be moved to tears by sound/music
7. write like this (L hand - pencil, R hand - pen, both hands writing at the same time):

Originally uploaded by monster-ru.

7 things I can't do:

1. play the violin/cello
2. stay mad at someone
3. cook like N
4. eat sharks' fin soup
5. ski/snowboard
6. be organised
7. cry from physical pain or fear

7 things I say the most:

1. "fuck!"
2. "nasty!"
3. "that was a really nasty game!"
4. "oh well"
5. "hey you"
6. "wa lao"
7. "...mate!" (when i'm drunk, according to N)

7 Celebrity Crushes:

1. Aragorn, and only Aragorn.
i mean, what would you not give up for a man who says to you,
"If by my life or death I can protect you, I will"?
(and then after, "You have my sword." girly giggles!)

7 people who could do this:
think everyone else got tagged already...


At 26/9/05 11:03, Blogger ampulets said...

Yes! You do say "mate" a lot when you are fact, you don't just say it, you type/write it! :>

At 26/9/05 16:10, Blogger Tym said...

Eh, your mirror handwriting ability is amazing!

At 26/9/05 17:00, Blogger wahj said...

I'll never look at Viggo Mortensen the same way again.
= )

At 26/9/05 19:20, Blogger  said...

amp - after playing some pool tonight, i realise that i say "fuck that!" more than anything else. but still, i won a couple of games, which is alright with me...

tym - thanks, i like my mirror writing. what we used to do in secondary school when we got tired of solving Math problems. my Math buddy was left-handed, and so we came up with this system of trying to learn each other's way of writing in a "fair" way... =)

wahj - =) !!!


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