Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Tony Takitani

saw this earlier tonight. (sorry amps! but i still got the ticket to the one you're going to.)

its funny (but not not normal) how people try to fill up their empty lives with things or people. with a preoccupation, or an obsession. in this case, the protaganist fills it up with the woman he falls in love with, and her, with clothes. (not going into details because it will spoil it for amps.)

how loneliness equates emptiness, how people try to hold on to it forever, what they fill up their empty lives with, with what/who it is they supposedly love. we all do it, i guess, at some point. and sometimes, it doesn't even have to mean very much.

Like quite a number of his stories, the ending leaves you somewhat dissatisfied. you always feel there should be more, and sometimes you feel like he ran out of ideas and didn't know what to do with the ending because it was left too vague and too open? or maybe its like that because life is like that and we can never know for sure what will happen next.

i will trust amps and read "after dark". soon. (in the simplified chinese version of course.) before i fall out of love with this writer.

but the music that ran throughout the film, by Ryuichi Sakamoto, it went really well with the film. (although i don't particularly like his stuff...)

in any case, i shall try to get my hands on a copy of this story soon. think the director didn't do a bad job though.


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