Saturday, October 15, 2005

Jazz at Southbridge

Anne and eddie J.
Originally uploaded by monster-ru.

its tough shooting at Southbridge because of the way the place is lit. the place is rather dim (like most pubs/bars are), but the musicians use a reading light attached to their music stands (as can be seen in the above photo).

This means that sometimes, what you get are shots of over-exposed faces. white-out if you like, whilst the environment may be too dark and blend. Exposure is definitely a tricky business here. As you can see, the area where the singer is is substantially darker than where the bass player is. This, also caused by lights from outside the window behind him. i did some burning, (no cropping though,) but am still not quite satisfied with the photo.

This one here below of the drums taken because the drummer seemed more nervous when he thought i was taking pictures of him.

Originally uploaded by monster-ru.


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