Tuesday, December 13, 2005


i have just been reminded that temperatures in the UK will be dropping, and that i should try to borrow whatever winter typish clothes i can... so i will most probably be calling on YM tomorrow, who so kindly reminded me yesterday about the winter clothes i asked her about.

fuck - i feel cold enough in the fucking Lido theatre where i watched A History of Violence last night!

was joking about the South Park type clothes i have to get myself in order to brave the winter. and yes, looking like stupid kenny is better than freezing to death. except i don't really want to be killed. every. single. episode. like. kenny. (of course, its technically and practically not possible.)

so, off to get meself some eskimo clothing tomorrow!


At 14/12/05 08:11, Blogger ampulets said...

Hey, Ru. How are you doing? Have you been snapping pics these days? So when you moving officially? - TOHA

At 14/12/05 17:19, Blogger  said...

hey TOHA, i haven't been snapping much these days, but i reckon i shall be when i go to the UK tmrw.

winter pics coming up soon!

At 19/12/05 02:24, Blogger Wes & Jo said...

you take care ok. the weather is really really whacked up man.

At 20/12/05 10:43, Blogger  said...

yah man - its fucking cold here. Difficult to take photos because you just can't afford to stand out in the cold to take a photo!


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