Monday, January 30, 2006


f+b, originally uploaded by monster-ru.

i wanted to complain about what my sister said to me about having sharks' fin soup (made by my grandmother, and no, i did not have any).

i wanted to bitch about the fucking women who made me lose my temper yesterday (the very first day of the Chinese New Year).

i wanted to boast about how i managed to get out of doing visits to relatives' houses. and i wanted to talk about the real reason why i didn't go to my grandad's house for reunion dinner.

but then these 2 most lovely creatures reminded me that this year will be special, because it is their year. and even if the new year did not exactly start out quite as nicely as i would have liked it, i already know that the year of the Dog will be so much better than the last. besides, it's not like i've already fucked up between the New Year and the Chinese New Year that i needed the CNY to be yet another new beginning.

so i decided to post this photograph of them, my 2 closest companions in sunny singapore. it's the original b/w print taken when we first moved into Jalan Elok, courtesy of G's scanner.


At 30/1/06 16:51, Blogger Neil said...

Cuter than a bright shiny button!


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