Tuesday, February 21, 2006

the haha's today

this P4 kid at the Learning Centre is usually damn annoying. but today, he made everyone laugh a lot. he usually can't stop talking (loudly, for that matter), and he is the sort who thinks aloud. this pisses the hell out of everyone. earlier, he was being his usual self, except that at one point, this long stream of saliva fell out of his mouth.

and then later, when he was trying to get my attention, he accidentally called me "mummy!" gosh, i don't know what goes on in this kid's head.

also, when we were taking a walk at the Macritchie Reservoir earlier, instead of "Brokeback Mountain", my dear friend R said "Backbroke Mountain"!


At 21/2/06 16:03, Blogger Wes & Jo said...

maybe you got a motherly face. you roxx la. :)

At 25/2/06 05:06, Blogger  said...

i guess motherly face is better than being called "xiao mei mei" all the time! =)


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