Thursday, April 12, 2007

singapore laksa in london

singapore laksa in london
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spotted a Malaysian restaurant, Melati, earlier in Soho. Was looking at the menu and trying to decide whether to give the food a try when this drunk guy stopped next to me and started "talking cock". In order to avoid his very yucky alcoholic breath, (and also because the shop owner, i guess, came to the door,) we decided to go into the restaurant.

We were kind of lucky because the food turned out to be pretty authentic after all. I had the "Singapore laksa". They didnt have laksa noodles, but beehoon, with prawns, chicken bits, fish cake and tau pok. And the soup was really quite alright. NAB had some rice with curry and chilli chicken which was also quite yummy. Definitely a place we will be going back to.

Think next time i will try the Hainanese Chicken Rice, or the Nasi Ayam...

Glad to have spotted the place.

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