Thursday, February 05, 2009

speech development

the boy has not developed as quickly as his friends (mostly girls) in terms of speech. He says fewer words, and the words that he does use, he pronounces them less accurately. I attribute this to the fact that he is more interested in physical activities - like climbing, jumping, dancing - so his body wants to continue developing in these ways rather than trying to express himself more.

This makes it difficult for him and we find that he tends to be screaming and shouting and having more temper tantrums in the recent weeks. But he is still a very sweet little boy and as with all things, this testy phase shall pass too. I just think i should enrol him in gymboree soon so he can have fun doing the more physical things that he enjoys...

Something i'm quite pleased about over the last 2 days tho' is that he seems to be trying to say more proper words - the night before last, as we stepped out of the house, he looked up to the sky and said 'moon'. I can't remember the last time i showed him the moon (must have been months ago!) and so, i was quite suprised when he remembered. Also, last night, he tried to say 'open' as he passed me a lotion bottle when he was in the bath.

I'm hoping these are signs that he is interested in communicating more becos' temper tantrums are really no fun!



At 6/2/09 08:50, Blogger wahj said...

Hey, but if his friends are "mostly girls" already, then I say he has a head start in development! =)


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