Monday, August 30, 2004

boys and bras

so the only good thing that came out of the horrible-verbal-abuse day was that i got to spend the entire afternoon at sods, updating my blog and surfing the internet, trying hard to *numb* the emotional damage till late.

anyway, for those following the story, the boy apologised the next day, and that was it. nothing else. guess i have reached the point of indifference. funny enough, despite what some of you have suggested, he will most likely not be a gas boy or work at a fast-food restaurant because he was one of the top students for mid-year. still, we can all wish him the worst. ;-)

on a different note, some students have suddenly become obsessed with the -um- colour of my bra. this is certainly an unhealthy fixation. why can't they just smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol like all the other normal teenagers?



At 31/8/04 04:09, Blogger wahj said...

What - do they write about it in their GP essays? = )


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