Friday, February 27, 2009

potty training?

I've been asked by several people when i'm going to start X on potty training. The first one was my mum, who made me lol because she said that my sister's nanny told her that if boys wear nappies for too long, their pee-pee will be - er, crooked. (ahem!) i wanted to ask her how many penises she has seen both at the baby, as well as the grown-up stage, but i thought that might be a bit of a weird/rude question to ask.

Anyway, I haven't actually given potty training much thought, but just said that i would start once X can communicate better.

And in the last week, the boy has just started doing this - he runs to me and says to me, very definitely, 'Poo. Poo.' and sure enough, he had done one. i'm actually quite proud of him for making such a progress.

Now i just have to get him to tell me before he needs to go. :)



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