Tuesday, May 26, 2009

the funniest thing that X said today

when we were walking back from tumble tots, i alerted X to this bit of dog mess on the road and then he started going, "Dog pooooo... Dog poooooo... Gross!" i couldn't stop laughing because i don't know when he picked up the word "gross", but i'm guessing it must have been when i was out into the garden, picking up after the dogs...

'twas also quite amusing when he tugged on my arm this morning when i was nearly falling asleep on the couch and went "mummy, UP! mummy UP!"

and then again, when he was nearly at the point of meltdown at dinner because he didn't have an afternoon nap today - "more soup! i want more soup! MORE SOUP! MORE SOUPEE!!!!!" he's been adding "ie" to his nouns lately (sockies, shoesies, etc) but i thought "soupy" was just too funny, so i had a good laugh and that made him laugh too, which prevented the meltdown.


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