Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Competiting in competitions competitively

so i've been coerced into joining a pub-organised pool competition. just GREAT. i am playing the worse pool of my life and i have to play in this freaking competition. and guess what? this guy the other night (whom i've played before and won) said to me - "what happened to you? you used to play really well!" so much for SNAGS - they don't really exist. (not especially when he's standing next to his girlfriend the whole time she's playing and telling her what to do!) fortunately, there exists some really helpful friendly bar staff who'd gladly give you practice games and tips.

and this TKD competition on saturday... i don't know if i can be bothered to travel *all the way* to JB to take part in a competition i know i am not going to win. Coming in fourth last year in patterns (and it was only Dan Gun) is not giving me a whole lot of confidence. plus i haven't been training as hard as i used to. and that is no one's fault but my own.

on a happier note, i have started swimming again, and finding joy in that. no matter that i was worried about not being able to fit into my old swimming costume. =P


At 11/9/04 03:19, Blogger Packrat said...

There's this ad from Australia: In the heart of every sensitive new age guy, there isn't one.


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