Friday, September 17, 2004

my husband says i should *really* update my blog

all day today, 8 - 5, i was in meetings. meetings, fucking meetings. thank god there is a possibility that i won't be doing this next year. don't get me wrong - there are parts of my job that i like. but they try to stick too many rules on me and boy i hate that. everyone knows i'm no good in such a rigidly structured environment.

i'm happy that we might be moving away, but not looking forward to spending too much time being away from N. i must come up with some kind of plan as to how i shall spend my days. kind of ironic since i have been wanting to give up work! ;-) guess as long as i am in the city, there will always be things to do. as much as it is nice to live in the country and take long walks, my shoes will outlive me for sure.



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