Monday, January 17, 2005


so what did i do today? for all the kindness that R has shown me over the weekend (and the rest) - helping me out with the household chores, taking me to the Botanic Gardens, etc. - i have *offered* to go with her, on a sunday MORNING to CHURCH. (of course this is after next sunday, when she has to take me to the beach at sentosa for sunday brunch.) what was i thinking?!? i told her - well, its my penance. (well, self-inflicted pain since i am taking her to the cellar door for all her kindness and already bought her some drinks! btw, the cellar door has got a dish there that i really like - soba noodles with some kind of fish. its really nice!)

and then i had a conversation with someone about god. i guess the belief that people have is that if you do good things, then good things will come to you (eventually). but sometimes, bad things happen to good people and people can't understand nor accept this.

so this person told me - but its not supposed to be rosy if you choose to follow god's path. that made sense. and acceptance is an important part of the whole thing. of life. acceptance without resentment. that made sense too. what didn't make sense was why in the first place he had to create A & E (and then the rest of us) and this whole system of how life and death is supposed to work. ..."put youself in god's shoes" - sorry, can't do it mate.

next sunday should be fun. if i manage to hobble my way to the restaurant. the following sunday... well, lets just say we'll take it as a "Learning Journey". :-)


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