Tuesday, April 24, 2007

'Bridge of Inspiration'

'Bridge of Inspiration', originally uploaded by monster-ru.

NAB spotted this in Covent Garden when we were walking about. It links the Royal Ballet School to the Royal Opera House. If you don't look up, it can be easily missed. I stopped in the pub that is on the corner of the left side of the photo for a drink (no, not alcoholic), and didn't even notice it. Well, i guess most of us don't walk with our noses up in the air...

Anyway, google tells me that the guy who designed it is Wilkinson Eyre, who is also designing the 'Gardens by the Bay' in Singapore. Any of you had a look yet?


At 24/4/07 17:26, Blogger ampulets said...

It's a design competition. the website is here

At 25/4/07 03:35, Blogger Ondine said...

Royal Ballet School! Another reason to go to London.

At 30/4/07 03:34, Blogger ampulets said...

great composition. and cool bridge, man. do youy have to tilt yourself/ do the twist, when crossing it?-TOHA


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