Thursday, June 18, 2009

X has been chattering away a lot now for the last few weeks. Most of the time, i just let him get on with it, but sometimes, when i think i can make out sentences, i stop and try to listen to what he's saying. The other day, he was playing and blabbering to himself, and i thought i could hear him saying "tissue! tissue!" So i stopped what i was doing to listen, wondering if he'd actually wanted a tissue. But then i realised that he was singing "Ring-a-ring-a-roses" after he went "...all fall down!" and then dropped his bum onto the floor. that was super cute.

and the other night, i was quite tickled by this:

X: more yoghurt!
me: there is no more in the fridge.
X: go shopping!
buy yoghurt!

i tried to recall the times i've told him that we have to go shopping in order to get things that we had run out of, but i can't think of more than a couple of times. so i was pretty chuffed to hear him say that.



At 20/6/09 16:15, Blogger wahj said...

that is so endearing ...
(of course, this means he's learnt to demand things ... see where that ends up! =)


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