Tuesday, October 05, 2004

losing weight and taylor guitars

my HOD said to me today, "you've lost a lot of weight!" - my reply, "3 weeks of being ill with a cold, that's how you do it." seriously, the cold that i've had (and N too) is just not fun. no appetite, no exercise. so i went swimming over the weekend, and got a tan. and i actually feel better for it.

i love swimming. i can do it for hours and hours. no bother about getting pruney. its great. have i mentioned that i clock about 25 mins for 20 laps of breaststroke? N says it should be about a minute per lap for freestyle, and seeing that freestyle is *much* faster than breaststroke, i don't think i'm doing too badly?

so i've been playing guitar to keep myself occupied (seeing that work is not really my cup of tea ;-) ) and do you realise, taylor guitars have got amazing sound? (Actually, tons of musicians around the world probably know that.) if i save up enough money, "i will buy myself a grey guitar and play". not really - i won't get a grey guitar. just a full-sized taylor guitar. ;-)



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