Saturday, September 25, 2004

the difference between a tape and a cdr

so what is the difference between getting a tape of music made up for you and a cd-rom made of mp3's? (it was dear neilli-o who actually put this question in my head the other night as i was making a cd for a friend.)

the difference is then, in this day and age, everyone burns cds, whether you like it or not. (sorry record companies - just FYI, i ALWAYS buy the CD's. you can bet on that, and that is *a lot*. i love the sleeves, etc. hell, i've even got multiple copies of the same album, singles!!! just ask N!) sure, i've received tapes from people in my juvenile years, (classical music that is, seeing that i was playing in a symphonic band/orchestra at that time), and it felt special. but today, with the convenience of technology, one would hardly think of it as something special. But music is special. At least it is to me, and the millions of musicians out there, and zillions of you and i out there. (and especially Rose ;-) ) so let us not take music lightly...

on a different note, the flowers are still alive, and you two who know what the flowers are about out there, it was a GREAT dinner and i had fun. ;-)


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