Monday, September 27, 2004

and pay for it i did

so i didn't actually pay for it during the course of the day because, what did i go and do? went and drank even more vodka. well, that's a sure way of delaying the pain. was feeling cooped up at home and decided to go for a walk. walked from Pacific Plaza, then Borders, and then walked to Tanglin Mall. The sun came out and i thought it would be a really good idea to take a walk through the Botanic Gardens, seeing that i have been spending too much time indoors, breathing the circulated germs in the room.

Bad BAD mistake, seeing that the other end of BG is actually at Bukit Timah. So my thirst (and feet) naturally took me to bo's, where i proceeded to drinking huge amounts of vodka. I swear that each time the barman poured me a drink, there were at least 3 shots of vodka in there. and i must have been drinking at the speed of 1 drink per 10 mins. (and yes, they were in tall glasses.) i really only intended to have a couple of drinks. and i even told the bar staff to make sure i left by 7pm. but no, none of them took me seriously. (they are such fucking loyal staff!)

the mixture of vodka, antibiotics and painkillers is not good. the effect? sleepless night. seriously. and i had to pay for it today. of all days a monday. let's hope that i don't go and repeat this today...

fingers crossed.

"the road to hell is paved with stuffed dogs."
- Jack Kerouac


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