Sunday, September 26, 2004

vodka anaesthesia

well, the result of staying in bed all day and then drinking tons of vodka till 5 am is not all bad. what am i talking about? its the sleeping for an hour, and then waking up to take tons more medication, and being numb to the world. even the usual nasty taste of vodka after a night of drinking is absent. just what else could you wish for?

don't get me wrong. i know i will pay for this later today. when the vodka wears off, i will soon feel the thousand ants in my throat again. but i must be determined and go through with the pain. there are things to be done, and places to go. i can't be stuck in a cycle.

wish me luck for next tuesday for i will be at the much dreaded pool competition again. i know i didn't post the results. i meant to, but it was too unimportant compared to these other things.

different note - i think i will save up for a full size taylor. they are just too nice to give up for a leica. ;-P


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