Monday, October 04, 2004

mid-autumn's festival (kind of late, but anyways...)

so i thought i had to spend mid-autumn's alone, but luckily (or not), T managed to convince me to take my photos with me to objectifs for them to be criticised. honestly, i really didn't want to go. i was tired from setting papers and only wanted a quiet drink. but the prospect of having a drink with T at Liang Seah, not having to spend the night alone drinking made me drag myself down to objectifs. i am not going to talk about what happened at objectifs, except that T got delayed by broken down vehicle, and i left to go to bo's.

shared a taxi with a stranger, which was kind of funny, but in a nice way. she was getting into the cab as i got in, and so we just decided to share it. that was the only nice thing that happened from the trip to ob's.

bo's was fun. i had a good chat with B. (who happens to be a professional photographer). so he looked at my photos and was impressed. the best thing is that we kind of issued a challenge, and at the end of October, we're going to show our best 12 shots of the place. time to take the cameras out!


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