Wednesday, October 06, 2004


have i ever mentioned that i like skinny-dipping? the last time at M's old place, that brings back memories. We watched 2 films before that, Swimming with Sharks and the rather depressing Ice Storm. Then we walked *all the way* from town to her place at Thomson Rd. we drank her dad's nice wine, but it doesn't matter too much because he has a massive collection, and one bottle missing isn't going to give him too much grief. so we did in her swimming pool downstairs. it was funny because the whole time, moomoo thought that there was someone from the other apartment watching us, when i thought that it was just a cardboard man. what followed after was bloody nasty. but who else can i blame except myself? i took the bottle of vodka, opened up her fridge, found only milk and eggs. you can figure out for yourself what happened after. it was _not_ pleasant.

on a different note, vodka with wasabi is really nice. the two different tastes don't mix, and you can taste them one after the other. nice... (N, T and BK can probably testify to that. if it was as pleasant for them as it was for me. ;-))

what i'd really love is skinny-dipping, at night, in the sea, with nothing but the sound of waves and the fear that something might grip you from beneath.

"if you're lost, you can look and you will find me, time after time
if you fall, i will catch you, i'll be waiting, time after time"


At 7/10/04 10:09, Blogger Neil said...

How about skinny dipping in the North Sea in January? Apparently the survival time for exposure to extreme cold is 3 minutes - after that hypothermia sets in! Europe in winter - lovely!


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