Sunday, January 30, 2005

a post about doing nothing

actually, i don't have much to post about because nothing much is happening. i spend all day at home (well, mostly) and there is just so much online-window-shopping you can do. i must say that i do miss going out (to other places besides the Botanic Gardens and Bo's), but everytime i want to go out, i have to think about whether the place is handicap-friendly or not. e.g. can i get to the shop on the 2nd floor of paradiz centre to go look at guitars/keyboards? (btw, i have not tried using escalators...) besides, the crowd is definitely more intolerable if you are on crutches. kids on wheels, idiot adults who don't look where they're going, etc. oh - it works the other way as well. there are the nice ones who try to move out of your way. then there are those who STARE(!!!) and those who actually stand rooted to the ground and WAIT FOR YOU to move around them.

it is really quite puzzling that the foot has not started healing. well, the fracture is obvious in the x-ray. the bone is like the size of a (male) finger, and the crack is right across it. since the doctor asked, i guess i'm going to put it in a cast. anything that will help it heal faster.

in any case, pls don't get me wrong - i am really glad that i don't have to go back to work. (deepest gratitude to the husband) if i were given the choice, i would still choose crutches over work. (um...yes. strangely, i would.) i guess i just kind of wished that since i don't have to go to bloody work now, i can actually go out and do the stuff that i want to do without having to rush!

anyway, i will now go and sit on the couch with my nice doggies and read Murakami's Kafka on the Shore rather than do nothing. this actually, i am a bit ashamed of. (ok - i don't actually do nothing lah - i still do the housework, play with the dogs, etc. :-))


At 30/1/05 14:36, Blogger Terz said...

Next time, just jam one of your crutches into his crotch... I'm pretty sure he'll move. If not, at least he won't be staring at you when you hobble past him.


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