Saturday, January 22, 2005

the things you do, the things you put yourself through

ok - so i went downstairs for some minced pork noodles this afternoon. i hadn't eaten for 24 hrs. (yes - the last meal was the kid's portion pasta at coffee bean - was quite alright actually. and my nice friends bought treats for the dogs!) so i thought i should eat something in case i faint whilst on my crutches or something. hobbling to the coffeeshop, i was looking forward to sitting down. (ay, not easy leh - arms hurt, blisters on my hands) so what did i do? i slumped onto the fucking plastic chair and landed on my phone. the fucking screen was fucked. 50% of it can't be read. (makes a nice V right from the middle of the screen - and its not even that my bum has gotten so fat over the last 2 months :-) ) well, i guess its a good enough reason to do online retail therapy. (hey, now they can even send the phone right to your door step!)

in any case, i would just like to say that i don't like to be taken advantage of, especially when i'm handicapped. there is being friends, and being good friends and that's all. so please don't. otherwise i might be forced to borrow B's letter-opener and stab anyone who upsets me before he uses it on an offender.

"at the ends of a cigarette are a fire and a fool."


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