Tuesday, October 19, 2004

i need more space!

... on my ipod. less than 10GB to go, at least 200 CD's left. what to do?

(for once, "what to do" is not rhetorical) :

1. be selective. don't put all the cd's on
2. be optimistic and hope that all the remaining CD's are singles. (no chance!)
3. split the CD's between the ipod and the mini (that's just not going to work with a mini, is it?)
4. buy a new 40GB 4G ipod

i like option 4. but do i really need to spend over $700 for yet another ipod? i know they are nice, but does not having enough space on one justify the purchase of another better, slimmer, more spacious model that doesn't have batteries that are slowly dying?

i think the answer is glaring at me in the face. ;-)


At 19/10/04 16:08, Blogger wahj said...

Hey, I've got a 10GB, and I'm running out of space as well. Worse, my batteries are almost completely shot - something like 2 hours of listening, 4 if I am careful and marshal them. I've been thinking of getting a new 40GB as well, but there's also a new mac to save up for, as well as a Nikon D70 ... sigh.

At least we're getting a wee bit more money at the end of the year.

At 21/10/04 04:51, Blogger Tym said...

I heard from an Apple Centre source that a 60G iPod might be out soon...

At 21/10/04 14:23, Blogger  said...

i am saving my end of the year money for next year, as i will not be working and am very concerned about $. good reason to wait for the 60G ;-)

At 27/10/04 05:16, Blogger Tym said...

60GB iPod is out, with Photo capabilities. List price is US$599.


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