Thursday, October 12, 2006

"ghost train"

for someone who knows "August and Everthing After" like the back of her hand, it came as quite a shock to me to hear, for the first time, the opening of "Ghost Train".

It sounded like a kind of saw, or engine, or something that could only have been produced by a metal object... more like something out of Pink Floyd's "Shine on You Crazy Diamond" than soppy adam:can't-anyone-love-me songs.

It feels weird to realise that for the last 12 years, you've completely shut-out/missed-out/just not heard the 1st 9 seconds of a song from an album that you've listened to for probably 856020 times... not quite as exciting as the first time you felt every nuance in "I walk along these hillsides, in the summer 'neath the sunshine. I am feathered by the moonlight, falling down on me" in "A Murder of One" on a quiet late night walk home from the bus-stop, but it's nice to get something new from something you thought you've exhausted.

nice thing to have happened in an otherwise ordinary day.

"Remember everything," she said, "when only memories remain."