Saturday, December 30, 2006

one christmas tree found

christmas tree, originally uploaded by monster-ru.

NAB got me a lensbaby as a birthday/christmas present, so when we took the dogs out to Wimbledon common for a walk, i also took the lens out for a test.

someone/some people had found this nice little tree and decorated it. Twas really quite nice and christmasy...

And the dogs clearly enjoyed their walk too. They saw a fox and wanted to chase it.

(More of these lensbaby photos on the flickr site.)

Friday, December 29, 2006

Spent quite a bit of time yesterday going through my photo files and making sure i've got backup copies of them. i just managed to clear more than 5GB of space on my laptop and i feel liberated!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

the naughty monsters ran out of the apt last week, and NAB had to give chase. Fortunately, neither of them were hurt. The poor spouse however, got scratched knees from diving onto the pavement in an attempt to grab Finn, and frozen toes from running around on the bitumen, in his socks, trying to catch Belle before a car got her. Eventually he caught her by throwing his coat over her... In his own words, "it was like a superhero moment..." Damn, i wish i had seen it. Or better, made a short clip in the style of a John Woo shoot-out. Corny slo-mo moment, or what they call in Max Payne, "bullet time", with the protagonist taking off his coat and swinging it over the delinquent on the run. Oh, and the little rascal tumbled as the coat fell on her...

oh, and how often do you get a long distance phone call from a friend who wants to let you hear his 11-yr-old kid play the intro of Metallica's "Enter sandman" on guitar? Prep for being a (proud) parent? =)

Friday, December 01, 2006

they are here!

i was really worried about whether Finn would be ok with the flight because he is really scared of the sound of thunder, but he seems alright. He was a bit apprehensive as well as curious about his new home, and he alternated between going back into his crate and shuffling restlessly, and inspecting the place, even trying to reach a corner where a bit of dust escaped the hoover yesterday.

Belle settled nicely right into the doggy bed we bought her (but not without first having a wee!), and you could tell that she was exhausted. it was only after Finn got a bit excited about the prospect of food that she got up and got a bit interested too.

So they've been fed, and are both now in their beds, sleeping...

Can't wait to take them out for a walk to see how they like the weather. =)