Sunday, May 28, 2006


Originally uploaded by bentann.

my friend's image.

i think its pretty awesome.

Friday, May 26, 2006

damn pissed off!

was working on an old composite for nearly 2 hours and then Photoshop decided to "unexpectedly quit" on me. needless to say, i didn't manage to save the file.

and it was close to being completed.


Thursday, May 18, 2006

related to the previous post (/even adam doesn't know why.)

She lives alone on her private archipelago
with her palm trees and her sea shells

She sits in the waves all day

she’s scared of dying,

and she wants to keep it that way

She sends a boat out on the sea

with a little note for me

It says "Why are all the girls so hungry?"

- from Sordid Humour's "Private Archipelago". (bloody excellent song!) Also covered in several live versions of CC's "Round Here".

The Counting Crows are releasing a new live album,
recorded in February 2003 in Holland, *New Amsterdam : Live at Heineken Music Hall 2003. It will be released on 20th June. Guess who's going to be the first customer at the record store? =)


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

the greedy monster

how can anyone still possibly be hungry after consuming all this in a day?

8am - sandwich and coffee
11.30am - some rice with chicken, tofu and cabbage
2pm - half a bowl of bak chor mee (mee kia) and some bits of carrot cake
6.30pm - a whole bowl of fish porridge

sigh. i'm thinking of my mum's omelette sandwich... yum...

oh, and writing too much makes the part on my hand where the pen rests on numb.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

dead telly

sunday is sometimes my tv day. i would usually watch CSI from 12pm - 3pm, with having lunch, doing the laundry, etc. in between.

after the first hour, i decided to browse the sports channels and then, something happened to the telly. there was a strange click, followed by non-stop buzzing. the picture then looked like it had some strange kind of solarisation effect, with some gaussian blur plus somebody messing up the green and red in the channel mixer. i tried adjusting it, which was when the tv decided to die.

because i happened to be watching the last few laps of the motoGP, i was super beh kum wan and decided that i would try to somehow put SCV in the bedroom where the telly still worked. after a damn fcking long time of extending wires, moving the damn heavy telly, etc., i managed to get the SCV cable into the back of the working tv. that was when i found out that i could have watched the rest of the race on a certain malaysian channel without having to actually go through all that fuss.

of course, the race had ended by then, and i only got to see the winners on the podium.

i don't understand why i went through all that fuss because i am not even a motoGP fan.

so long good tv, you have served us well.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

blue sky

blue sky, originally uploaded by monster-ru.

another "watercolour".

this one was taken on a very strange evening, where there were predominantly 3 different colours in the sky. for a view of that stitch, go here.

some people should not be allowed to propagate

bus moron
Originally uploaded by monster-ru.

this fucking moron here shoved his son into the seat that someone had given up for the old man (in the foreground, by this time, seated).

the guy who gave up the seat didn't say anything to them, but only managed to look rather sorry. i mean, if you can be bothered enough to give up your seat, it shouldn't take very much more to make sure that the seat be occupied by the right person.

it infuriated me. the woman seated next to the boy didn't say anything and was (pretending to be) asleep. the bus was so packed, and i wish i was 2 persons (packed like sardines) closer so i could say something to the fucking moron.

luckily there are still some kind souls around. when the old man managed to move further in, someone else gave up his seat for him.

it's scary what sort of values some parents are passing on to their children. its not like the boy is incapable of standing up on a crowded bus. this old man has to use a walking cane for god's sake!

spoiling your kid is perhaps understandable. but doing that at some other person's expense, it's not right. worse of all, you're doing it right in front of your kid. now that is just wrong.

this kid might not grow up to be the horrible monster you've taught him to be. i hope he is sensitive enough to see what a horrible bastard you were.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

strange conversation

"I got bit!"

"Mm. I think I'll go and catch some mosquitoes."


"Today I only got 5."

"He's very good at catching them."

Saturday, May 06, 2006

canal redux

canal redux
Originally uploaded by monster-ru.

got inspired by some images on flickr (lawroberts and anideg) and have been experimenting for the last couple of weeks.

this is my first satisfactory image. (with some help from my friend B.)