Wednesday, March 31, 2004

one dead monk and another

so Hwa Rang died AGAIN! i really have to think carefully about the next character i am going to role-play. i guess i should stick to playing a ranger (-archer) type character, since that is the only class i am at least a bit familiar with. poor Raine. i wish she wasn't so dead...

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

blue belt hwa rang

so am i glad my character didn't get stared to death again last night. but in my haste to getting hwa rang on the road to exaltedness, i lost his amulet of natural amour +2. this makes me wonder if i really want to play a lawful good character...

we also got our blue belts... i am really not confident about this and my black belt (female) friend in JB confirms that this is really going too fast. i mean, i can't even consistently do a nice back kick, and i am too heavy (_fat_) to do jumping kicks, so i don't see how i can go to blue without feeling that i'm really up to it.

on a happier note, i did do the 10 "back-jumping" that i couldn't do before during the grading, so i must take comfort in the fact that the small goals that i've set for myself are achievable...

so, here goes : Goal #1 less drinking mugs of beer at coffeeshops.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004


there was a woman with me at the occupational therapy department on monday. she was reading "memoirs of a geisha" or one of those geisha books during fluidotherapy. just when i was convinced that she is an SPG, i heard her speak with this super american accent, and after a while , i felt just a little ashamed of myself for thinking that every thin Asian girl wearing certain clothes with the hair to match it is most likely an SPG.

the thing that gave her away was when she said "bukit goRmbaRk" and then starting a sentence with "last time". (or maybe she is really an ABC who is just trying to get into the local culture and language.)

i guess some of us contribute to "Remaking Singapore" by making ourselves as un-Singaporean as possible.

Friday, March 12, 2004

so there is this very "luck-sek" guy in our TKD class. i swear, he is every bit as described by taekwon-dodo. but i think taekwon-dodo has already said enough about him, so i am not going to complain about him anymore... except that MSL said that he spat on his face whilst doing WON-HYO, which makes it doubly "luck-sek"...

at the therapist today, my "friend" reminded me about this woman who came in once. she is rather huge, and apparently, according to my "friend", our boobs together (therapist, me and "friend") couldn't "add" up to her _one_ boob! so there you go. i had a good laugh, and it definitely makes boring therapy a little more bearable. and i also look forward to seeing my "friend"'s son next week, who, according to her, is "si bek hoon!"