Saturday, May 28, 2005

the long walk

the long walk
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my first more-or-less successfully stitched photo! (taken during the 15.2km walk)

sorry lah - i got no panoramic camera with me at that time and damn the bastard who thinks its easy for people to just have one available to use! (W: wink wink)

thanks to the one who made photoshop CS available to me.

American Girls

so the women with the spill-over boobs. they walked into the pub and one of them immediately walks up to S at the pool table and started talking to him. what pissed me off was she was talking at the top of her fucking high-pitched shrill voice, and spoiling my enjoyment of my beloved song, "Mrs P's Lullaby". i played a bad shot after, and when S proceeded to do the ball-in-hand, she started shouting, "you cheat! you cheat!"

she then tried to tell me how he was cheating because, in America if someone commits a foul, they have to put the cue ball behind the line. i was too annoyed by her presence and intrusion and walked away as she was trying to get my attention.

what followed was too much noise from them. they were obviously trying to pull, and gosh - i think the 2 guys sitting next table to them nearly got lucky/unlucky (delete accordingly). they basically tried it on with nearly all the men in there. i was almost surprised they left by themselves. but if i were a drunk male, i still wouldn't take them home because the sheer volume of them would have put me off. they were so annoying that (as S put it) - "what they need is a mouth full of cock to shut them up!"

so then when i was up again for my game, one of them starts complaining about how she has put her name up but still hasn't played. (fuck - she had just put her name up and it was at the bottom of the queue?!) i told her she could have my turn just so she will shut up. she then went on to tell me again about American pool rules, with interjections of "but i suck! I SUCK!!!" at like a million decibels . as if no one knew already!!! i had no choice, had to walk away again. nearly wanted to say to her, either, "but we're in Singapore, so we play Singapore rules", or "if you like, i'm sure no one would mind playing American rules?!" but it would have been wasted on her as she just wanted to be heard and could not listen.

she did suck at pool, and was impressed by my suddenly re-found skills, which kind of quieten them down a bit i think.

my conclusion - they are so suaku. probably never been on a girls' night out or something.


almost feel bad i had titled it "America Girls". well, adam duritz must be wrong because these women, they were definitely not "all feathers and cream/come into bed/so edible."

stupid things that people do:

1. asking a question you think you have the answer to, having your answer confirmed to be correct and then feeling like shit after that for possibly forever because you asked the question thinking you can handle the truth, but you know what?

"You can't handle the truth!!!"

2. having a really good time because you are having a nice chat and a nice couple of quiet drinks and then spoiling the evening by doing 1. and then having to walk away without saying bye or goodnight properly, resulting in an unpleasant end to a really nice night.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005


the pool player is back!
one particularly memorable scenario:

me: "what do i get if i win?"

opponent: "whatever you want."

me: "really?"

opponent: "yah."

(opponent sets up table)

opponent: "so what are the stakes?"

me: "still thinking, but since you said "whatever [i] want", doesn't really matter right?"

(opponent smiling, i sense the nervousness)

we play. opponent fucks up on ball before black - cos he was smiling too much, and i put the rest of my balls down and win the game!!!

me: i will hold you to your word.

and i win more games!

special mention - 2 fucking fucked up annoying fucking girls with fucking boobs spilling out of their fucking tank tops - they fucking annoyed me so fucking much i think i was concentrating so fucking hard (hence winning more games) just so that i won't fucking kill them with my fucking amazing flying side-kick.

p.s. excuse the excessive use of the word "fucking". i could really have killed them instead of playing such fucking good pool.

i must not...

let the ash-tray trick me into having another cigarette

let the pack of cigarettes next to me trick me into having another cigarette

let the funny taste in my mouth trick me into having another cigarette

and most of all, i must not trick myself into thinking that having another cigarette is going to make my sore throat better.

this is all so stupid.

(and really, i should go swimming now before the threat of rain spoils my plan for yet another day)

hiyoh - reading tym's blog, i got reminded of how much junk food i have eaten as well. (yes - participant of all that food during LotR) + pizza at my parent's the night before + chicken wings at boat quat after jazz (the wings there are good. you should all go and try them.)

can't believe i still have not gone swimming. so. plans for today - head for the pool some time later and try to do some 30 laps...

more pool misery!

its official now - i'm having one of those bad patches where i win nearly no games. seriously. (ask boko - he saw me play after the LotR marathon) the only person i've beaten so far is B. and then there were 2 games i won 2 nights ago - one of the games i played some brilliant shots consecutively. and then its just fuck-ups and more fuck-ups. bad shots, can't see the angles, and idiots who put all the balls down, and then deliberately miss the black a couple of times, or choose to play near-impossible shots and make them. i swear the idiot must do it just to make me feel worse. damn the bastard! damn this bloody game!

Saturday, May 21, 2005

musical baton received from T

Total volume of music files on my computer:

16.66GB, 11.1 days, 3720 songs (+ a couple more that are on my laptop, but not on itunes)

strange - i actually thought i had more.

The last CDs I bought were:

The Earl Klugh Trio - Volume One
The Calling - Two
Tuck & Patti - taking the long way home

all still in their wrappers!!! ok - i got quite a few CD's like that. don't know if its a sign that i have too many CD's and previously not enough time to listen to them, or i just keep listening to the same music over and over...

Song playing right now:


5 songs I listen to a lot at the moment:

Counting Crows - Mrs Potter's Lullaby
Counting Crows - Holiday in Spain (with Bløf)
Counting Crows - Raining in Baltimore
Third Eye Blind - Blinded (When I See You)
3 Doors Down - Let Me Go

actually, my whole playlist because music is always playing when i'm at home, and these days, i'm home a lot!

5 songs that mean a lot to me:

ok - i have 2 lists here because my original list consisted of all CC songs, and i didn't think it was very "balanced". :-)

List A

REM - Country Feedback
Leslie Cheung - 追
Sting - Why Should I Cry For You?
Phil Collins - Separate Lives
Tuck & Patti - Time After Time (Cyndi Lauper - original artist)

List B - the Counting Crows List

A Murder of One
Mrs Potter's Lullaby
Round Here
Raining in Baltimore
Angels of the Silences

obviously there are parts of many other songs that mean a lot to me. i guess you all know what they are because more than likely, i've posted them on this blog already!

passing the baton to NAB. (see T's reason)

the weirdest dream

i am running, looking for a place to hide, trying not to get myself killed, in a monster of a building with spiral staircases that never seem to end. (not many of you know this, but i have a fear of - yes - (most) stairs. i can't cross an overhead bridge without panicking - more so going up then coming down.)

i am also running in search of someone. this someone is 2 years old, but is not human. i am looking for "it" because i have to stop "it" from killing itself. "it" wants to die and i am thinking no child should want to die, or even be old enough to know the concept of suicide. i do not know "it" but i know the reasons it wants to die.

i see "it" across from where i am, but i have absolutely no idea how to get there. there are several other non-human forms chasing me down the corridor. i lose them and then run into a room. its a huge room with a really high ceiling and space everywhere. since there are probably hundreds of rooms, i thought i'll try to catch my breath here before trying to locate "it".

there is a huge chair. i walk to it and there is someone (again, non-human) sitting in it. he is surprisingly very calm and he tells me more about the child who wants to die - i must make sure this doesn't happen. suddenly, a group of (more) non-human characters barges into the room and start attacking me. Spiderman in a batman suit is kicking the shit out of me! (i could actually feel the pain where he was kicking me and fuck it hurt like hell.) i think i am going to die and feel more regret and sadness for not being able to save the child than for my own death.

skip to

i see the child at the end of the stairs that lead to nowhere. we are probably a few zillion feet above nothing. it says something, but i can't hear it.

woke up, checked lower back and sanity

Friday, May 20, 2005

boy meets girl

"i can't love you this much baby
and love you from this far"

does anyone remember this song "Waiting for a star to fall" from 1988?


jazz can be so sexy sometimes.

go and see David Gomes this week!

(special moment for me - when he sang "in the mood for love")

Thursday, May 19, 2005

this morning's CC thoughts

i've always liked the song Hard Candy. it's got a real happy tune, and it tricks you into thinking that it is a happy song. this morning, i was actually hurt by the sadness of this irony.

"and when you wake the morning showers you with light
and it makes you feel alright
but it's just the same hard candy
you're remembering again."

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

absolut raspberry vodka

so last night i finally opened the bottle and had a glass of it. with 2 ice cubes. it has been sitting in the freezer, and i have been resisting opening the bottle, for reasons obscure to me. i guess i was afraid that once it has been opened, it would be gone too soon, and that i would regret it.

it was good. a nice drink just before i went to bed, and i'm glad i didn't have too much of it. definitely a no-mixer drink.

so now i'm off to assist in the shooting of more "ninja food". i hope the place is not freezing like the last one.

oh - and i slept a bit more last night as well. i guess having a PT at the gym works.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

pool misery

it couldn't get worse than this:

played 4 games of pool, lost them all.

and one game i was left with 6 balls on the table. did i say 6?!

oh well, at least i got some sleep last night - 3 hrs. that's got to be better than nothing. and if i survive today, i reckon i can acquire a more regular and "normal" sleep pattern again.

Friday, May 13, 2005

there is nothing worse than trying to decide, after having failed trying to fall asleep, at daybreak, if you should try again.

yes, indecision is fucking awful.

i'm going to have a cup of tea.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

just how many times in your life can you be betrayed by your senses?

Vintage pub

someone recommended me to a pub yesterday (or rather, wednesday night) - and i found out that it is the same vintage pub where we used to go to, at Cuppage. except now its located at the Orchard Hotel Arcade (?) where Muddy Murphy's is. things are pretty much the same (concept, music, american kids who may be too young to drink), except that it looks much newer, and has a much smaller (very small) pool table.

the son of the previous owner (Mr Yan - who passed on 4 years ago) runs it now. and he plays a rather good game of pool. (lost 2 games to him leh! wa lao!) the place is really nice for a quiet drink (unless its packed full of the kids), and i got to watch these MTVs - Final Fantasy ones - of various songs like Linkin Park's Numb. very cool videos.

also went to Bullfrog at Novena, which is owned by A, which used to be Bojangles. first time i really sat there for drinks and pool, and it was really quite alright.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


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monday's setting sun

Friday, May 06, 2005

"indecision is awful"

"nobody escapes my acid comments. PSSSSS..."

said NAB

the 15.2km walk

5 may '05 walk
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this was the route we took.

and we hid the Geocache as well!

(on our way back, when i really had to pee!)

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

something from The Rum Diary

"It was fatalism with a loophole, and all you had to do to make it work was never miss a sign. Survival by coordination, as it were. The race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, but to those who can see it coming and jump aside. Like a frog evading a shillelagh in a midnight marsh."

- Hunter S Thompson

also "... an orgy of rum" which i thought sounded quite poetic.


Monday, May 02, 2005

thoughts 6 days before i have to return OR i miss my dogs

i think i have been bumming too much. art galleries, museums, Vondelpark, and today, we went to the beach! 27 degrees celcius of sun. unfortunately we didn't get to fly NAB's new Power Kite. would have been fun, but there were just too many people around, and we didn't want it to crash into anyone. (esp. children)

the water tho' was freezing cold. how do these kids (and dogs) manage it? Nothing like the blazing sun to lift everyone's spirit!

anyway, i've been thinking - it will be damn bloody hard for me to go back to the work that i was doing. the only thing that might make me hang on to it is being able to use the really nice pool at ... (you all know where). talked to the lifeguard there once and i was astonished at how much money is needed to keep these public pools going per month! so, despite all the not-so-nice things in the "fine city", i am thankful for the swimming pool that i go to. Really, really. (the pool i checked out here near the Rijksmuseum is tiny! 25m length and breadth and divided into a few sections!)

also disturbed by the fact that someone is going to be hanged (or maybe already happened?) for smuggling cannabis into Singapore and that they are not going to budge and lighten the sentence. sometimes, it all seems a bit arbitrary to me - because a lot of it all is about timing. or bad timing. and bad luck. the all too familiar "wrong place at the wrong time".

how do we make a fair judgment? do we compare the act (to other possibly more heinous ones)? or do we see what is actually being "smuggled" (see "pirated" cigarettes)? how do we measure "how much harm is done to society"? how do we protect the children?

its funny because i was watching Chelsea win the Premier League (yay!) and er - i think they were tau-poking Frank Lampard and i got reminded of Terz's post about the tau-poking that was going on in a certain JC in the Bishan/AMK area. don't footballers (and probably rugby players?) get tau-pok'd all the time when they score? have we ever heard their parents complaining?

how much longer are we going to be a "nanny-state"? how come we have not been brought up to look after ourselves?

i'm also amazed at how thick-skinned some people are. they say all these ridiculous things and because they know that no matter how much people disagree with them, there is absolutely fuck-all they can do and hence, the "naneenaneebooboo, you cannot catch me" attitude. don't you just hate it when they stick their tongues out at you as well? but unless you get into a position where you can screw them over, there is truly, nothing you can do.

and then the devil comes to get your soul...if you believe in that.