Monday, August 30, 2004

boys and bras

so the only good thing that came out of the horrible-verbal-abuse day was that i got to spend the entire afternoon at sods, updating my blog and surfing the internet, trying hard to *numb* the emotional damage till late.

anyway, for those following the story, the boy apologised the next day, and that was it. nothing else. guess i have reached the point of indifference. funny enough, despite what some of you have suggested, he will most likely not be a gas boy or work at a fast-food restaurant because he was one of the top students for mid-year. still, we can all wish him the worst. ;-)

on a different note, some students have suddenly become obsessed with the -um- colour of my bra. this is certainly an unhealthy fixation. why can't they just smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol like all the other normal teenagers?


Wednesday, August 25, 2004

"i shall build a more peaceful world"

so when a 18 year old boy walks out of your class and follows that by words of abuse ("fuck you!" ... "FUCK YOU!"), what do you do but just take it and then attempt to rationalise it with him and then proceed to solve his problem?

Alternative ending:

Kick his nuts off using your (not-so) newly acquired TKD skills, even though you were told not to kick below belt.

(no - student's oath "i shall never misuse taekwon-do")

Friday, August 20, 2004

my husband says i should update my blog

i am in a state of blur. think i got a slight temperature.

the china woman (WL and i have decided to call her CC for short - you figure it out) at bo's is really fucking annoying. she either 1. does not have a backbone or 2. always feels damn fucking frisky or 3. must be in constant physical contact with a man or 4. all of the above.

and she's rude to the staff too. but we'll just put that down to the fact that she probably can't converse in english and can only communicate through actions.

anyway, i think i'm being nasty because of my slight temperature. i'm not usually *that* nasty.

and i can't wait to meet Mr "I will make your lives so much better" aka "When i was 6, i knew that i was special" again. We've got a one dollar bet going on and i can't wait to collect my winnings.